seven. Pre-Natal Diagnostic Process (Regulation and you will Prevention of Punishment) Act, 1994

seven. Pre-Natal Diagnostic Process (Regulation and you will Prevention of Punishment) Act, 1994

six. Power to set overlooked college students under supervisions If this generally seems to the brand new Magistrate of your own Area that people, in order to whom new notice mentioned inside the part step one can be applied, around extremely neglects making best supply to the repair regarding any lady man for whoever repairs he could be legally in charge, and that living or wellness of these kid are and therefore endangered, such as for example Magistrate may, in his discretion, put the child around eg extremely*eyes when he may think right, and shall, if required, remove the man regarding the custody of these people..

Operate 3 regarding 1897 (to help you amend Work 8 regarding 1870)

The fresh Magistrate of your own Section could possibly get buy your making a great month-to-month allocation into the fix of the guy during the including month-to-month rate not exceeding fifty rupees concerning particularly Magistrate will search sensible, and you can, if the such as for example person willfully neglects so you’re able to follow such as buy, instance Magistrate will get, per breach of one’s buy, by warrant direct extent on account of be levied into the manner pro*vided from the point 61(Get a hold of now the fresh Code regarding Criminal Procedure, 1898 (5 from 1898), ss. 386 and 387.) of the Password away from Unlawful Processes.

Absolutely nothing inside part shall change the energies away from a Magistrate significantly less than part 316 (see now ibid. part 488 of the identical password.

eight. The quantity out-of Act It Operate will, in the first instance, stretch (The Work has been stated to give and have lengthened about 21st December, 1870, on the Presidency away from Bombay, from the s. 2 away from Bom. ) in order to (The initial words “the fresh North-western Provinces, to the Punjab and Oudh” was basically revised by the A beneficial. O., 1949, Sch. and also the Federal Laws (Inform and you can Statement) Work, 1951(twenty six away from 1951), s. cuatro and you can III Sch., to read since over.)[the new Punjab] however, (The original conditions ” the fresh new Governor-general away from Asia in Council may by buy offer it to the part of the regions (besides Oudh) beneath the quick management of one’s Authorities off India as well as the Governor off Madras during the Council, the newest Governor regarding Bombay inside the Council, and Lieutenant Governor off Bengal, can get severally of the order offer it to virtually any part of the areas lower than their respective governing bodies. All order under so it section created by brand new Governor-general of Asia in Council should be penned regarding Gazette from India. Various other buy generated below it point will likely be had written for the neighborhood certified Gazette ” had been successively amended because of the Act 38 regarding 1930, A beneficial. O., 1949, Sch., to read due to the fact over.) [the fresh Provincial Bodies of any (The term “other” excluded by Central Legislation (Statute Change) Regulation, 1960 (21 of 1960), s. 3 and next Sch. (with impact throughout the 14th October, 1955).)* State get, of the alerts published when you look at the specialized Gazette stretch it to the area of your areas according to the government of these Provincial Bodies].

1) Sec. 2 Significance (i) “pre-natal diagnostic tips” form most of the gynaecological or obstetrical otherwise surgical treatment for example ultrasonography foetoscopy, bringing or removing samples of amniotic liquid, chorionic villi, blood otherwise people tissues of a young pregnant woman if you are sent to a genetic Research otherwise Genetic Infirmary for performing pre-natal diagnostic try

(k) “pre-natal symptomatic take to” mode ultrasonography otherwise people try otherwise study away from amniotic liquid, chorionic villi, bloodstream otherwise one tissues off a young pregnant woman conducted in order to locate genetic or metabolic conditions otherwise chrom somal irregularities otherwise congential anomalies otherwise Haemoglobinopathies otherwise sex-connected problems

O., 1937 and you may A good

(h) from point 2 of Indian Medical Council Act, 1956,(102 regarding 1956.) and you may whose identity might have been joined in a condition Scientific Sign in

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